Intelligent Design Intro

Dr. Roby Mitchell, founder of the trademarked BALi Eating Plan and the movement behind I’m Powered, believed that our bodies were Intelligently Designed to heal. The two basic tenets of what he referred to as “Intelligent Design Medicine” are to (1) put back what’s supposed to be in humans and (2) remove what’s not consistent with Intelligent Design. And, while the backbone of our supplement company, I’m Powered, is rooted in those principles, we also want to make sure that we are promoting a “keeping first things first approach” to overall health by emphasizing the importance of eating the BALi way. Especially during these challenging times.

When Dr. Mitchell consulted clients one-on-one, he considered the most important piece of information he placed in the hands of his clients to be the BALi food list. The very first thing he addressed with all of his clients was the importance of knowing which foods are most beneficial when addressing inflammation and candida yeast overgrowth. It is widely known that inflammation precipitates a number of what we call “diseases,” such as diabetes, high blood pressure, etc.

Dr. Mitchell consistently reminded us that, “You cannot medicate your way out of diseases for which you behave yourself into.” Likewise, we cannot simply supplement our way out of diseases for which we “behave ourselves into.” I’m Powered supplements are tools used to help fill the gaps and replace what we cannot get from our modern day food sources. However, we cannot expect to eat the STANDARD AMERICAN DIET 24/7 and supplement our way into optimal health.

A new platform for the BALi Eating Plan is underway. In the meantime, for more information and support, please join us in our private Facebook group.