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Where NOT to go to for advice on serious health matters. Wise counsel from the late Roby Mitchell, M.D., PhD.

Subtitle: “Facebook is not the appropriate place to get advice on serious health matters.” Obviously, I recommend eating a BALi® diet, exercising, taking supplements, and maintaining optimal hormone levels. I recommend natural remedies when they are appropriate. Conventional therapies are overused; HOWEVER, sometimes conventional is the way to go. At the time of the writing of this article, several Facebook pages have popped up as self-help options, and many more have been added since. These can be great for minor issues and nutritional recommendations. However, Facebook is not the appropriate place to get advice on serious health matters.  The following is a list of some symptoms that require seeing a qualified healthcare professional: 1) Slurred speech accompanied by limb weakness. Slurred speech by itself, without loss of strength of limbs on one side, is usually Bells Palsy, a benign condition. If weak limbs accompany, this signals a stroke. These are usually caused by blood clots in the brain. These clots shut off circulation to the area of the brain controlling speech and limb muscles. The longer the brain is without circulation the less likely full recovery is. If these patients got to us early enough in the ER, we could give medicine to dissolve the clot and they would return to normal. 2) Bleeding not due to an accident. Bleeding or any fluid coming from the ears is a serious sign requiring immediate medical attention. Bleeding from the nose could signal high blood pressure. Vomiting blood is indicative of bleeding in the stomach possibly from [...]

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